5 tips on how to work in open space

December 13 2018

5 tips on how to work in open space

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We spend 1/3 of our life at work. Most co-working offices promote open space equipped with desks for rent. For some people, such a solution brings only advantages, others see in it more flaws. How to work in open space? We have some advices for you.

Create a private area

Even in a large open space, you can have your own place. All you have to do is arrange your desk. Put a tall, green plant on it, place a picture frames or a vase. Large items separate you from other people. You will keep your privacy and will improve the mood and quality of work.


Open space is not conducive to coziness. This does not mean, however, that people working together should read messages from the neighbor’s screen or listen to other people’s conversations. Even if you accidentally hear or see something – forget about it and pretend that it did not interest you at all.

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Buy yourself headphones

If you are distracted by noise, buy headphones that reduce sounds from outside. Of course you will not quiet 100% of the noise, but it will be easier to concentrate and you will leave work less tired. You can listen to relaxing music in the background or so-called white noise, that help you cut off from the surroundings. Forgot your headphones? Buy earplugs. They also greatly suppress the noise.

Co-working hygiene

There is no doubt that open space facilitates the transmission of bacteria and viruses, especially during autumn and winter. So it’s really easy to catch a cold. How to prevent it? Remember the basic rules of hygiene:
wash your hands often, disinfect the desk and computer equipment once a week and when you feel not very well – stay at home (you will recover sooner and not infect others).

A room for talks and meetings

Most co-working offices in Warsaw are equipped with a meeting room. You can freely talk to your client there or just pick up a private conversation. The conference room is occupied? Go outside, catch your breath and talk on the phone in peace.

Do you know…

The most annoying sound in the open space is the ringing of the phone that no one answers and the signal of a new message on the mailbox or internal chat. Mute sounds in the phone and computer; it will make it easier for you and your colleagues to focus.

Shared kitchen

The office dining room has many advantages. You can chat, meet new people and have a meal in peace. Regardless of whether you have a salad, pasta or tuna in a lunch box, do not disturb others through the aromas of your own kitchen. Maybe someone is hungry?

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Keep distance

The key to success when working in open space is the distance to what is happening around you, as well as to yourself. Companies renting co-working space are different, often accustomed to other work standards, and finding common ground can be difficult. So what to do? Keep calm, work is the art of compromise, and difficult situations happen. Remember – the conversation usually helps.

Co-working space is usually a large, modern open space. Working there requires both discipline and distance. The best tip we can give you is simply: Respect yourself and others.

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