5 principles of work-life balance

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The work-life balance idea is known for many years. However, in Poland it gained popularity only recently. Do you want to maintain harmony in your life? Discover the most important principles of work-life balance.

The idea for maintaining balance between private and professional life was born between the 70s and 80s of the 20th century in the United States. Human resources specialists have noticed that workers take advantage of medical leaves more and more often, are reluctant to changes, less efficient, and lack creativity. A response to such behavior was creating a mechanism which prevents disharmony between private life and work.

Busy as a Pole


It may seem that the work-life balance idea is common. However, as it is shown by researches carried out by Kantar Millward Brown (2017), Poles work more than 40 hours per week. Most people work after hours or bring their work back home. We are one of the busiest countries in the EU.

This is also confirmed by researches conducted by Michael Page (2016) according to which only 10% of Poles are willing to change their work if the balance between private and professional life becomes distorted. Reluctance towards changes may lead to excessive stress, exhaustion, and damaging family relations. What to do in order to maintain the work-life balance?

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Be assertive


If you haven’t yet set the boundaries of your responsibilities at work, it’s about time to do so. You are aware of your own capabilities, so properly calculate the time needed to execute tasks and don’t allow anyone from the team to give you more responsibilities. Learn to say “no”. Thanks to this simple principle it will be easier for you to control work time. You have too much on your head? Remember that when executing a project you are not alone – you can always ask for help or report the need to hire an additional employee.

Place your bet on offline


Find some time to forget about responsibilities. Don’t answer your work phone at home and don’t browse through e-mails. Wi-fi has a negative impact on private life and definitely does not work in favor of the work-life balance idea. Trust us, officiousness and perfectionism in some fields of life may result in more harm than profits.

Take care of your rest


Allow yourself time to rest. Plan a longer vacation at least once a year and travel with your close ones. Allow yourself a weekend outside the city. Once in a while it is worth to forget about responsibilities and let it go. Remember, when you’re tired – you are not efficient. Apart from that, lack of rest may have a negative impact on your health and harm the immune system.

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Have time for pleasures


Learn to spend your time after work. Do you have a passion? Great! Develop it. A hobby will allow you to take a break from the responsibilities, and the mind is going to rest from all the information with your endorphins skyrocketing. A perspective of minor daily pleasures will make you organize your time better, and the motivation to act is going to appear on its own.

Develop relations


Don’t forget about your family and friends. Even if you’ve changed your work, started a new project, or have a lot of responsibilities. Cherish relations with close ones, and meet them regularly. Going out for coffee, to the cinema, or talking during a walk are especially important for your mental health. Sociable people are better at work and less often suffer from depression.

Remember that life is not only about working. Cherish your free time. Learn to celebrate it with friends and family. Set priorities. These simple principles, absolutely supported by Solutions.Rent, will allow you to maintain the work-life balance.

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