3 most important benefits of an attractive company location

October 1 2021

3 most important benefits of an attractive company location

Whether we like it or not, we are visualizers and the first impression often creates an image that stays in our minds for years. That is why we try to look immaculate at an important business meeting, we practice key statements, even gestures. Why then do so many companies decide not to rent an office in an attractive location, justifying it as cost optimization?

Does your company promote your image as a serious business partner when a potential client or investor  enters your office for the first time? Are your employees eager to invite vendors to your office? Do they have positive opinions on comfort at work and the look of the office? If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, find out how your workplace affects productivity, relations with clients and your team’s motivation. 

Stylish workplace has a positive impact on productivity

Functional equipment, elegant interiors, high quality finishing materials, well-planned lighting, comfortable and ergonomic furnishings are some of the most important factors contributing to the comfort of work. Anyone who has had a chance to change their workplace for one that pleases the eye and allows them to work comfortably and focus knows that these are prerequisites for productivity. 

– I admit that when I enter any of our offices in the morning, I feel satisfied that I am going to spend the most of my working day in elegant, designer interiors. Our tenants agree with that. There’s no two ways about it – the comfort of work heavily depends on the workplace. I refer not only to the interiors and high quality equipment, but also a convenient location. Next to our Ethos office, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, boutiques, as well as Agrykola and Łazienki Park. People who often go through legal formalities appreciate the proximity of many public institutions as well. These factors are important also for those who need to meet their clients or candidates in the middle of a working day. An event venue and an observation deck are some additional amenities. Many of our clients decided to choose our offices only after viewing the place where the company would be located. One of our clients was impressed not only by the finish and interiors but also by the fact that almost all materials had been manufactured in Poland – says Marta Kamińska from Solutions.rent.

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Making good first impression on clients and candidates is invaluable

Looks, atmosphere and comfortable conditions can effectively attract candidates and clients to a company. In the oversaturated Warsaw job market, the decision about choosing a new employer is sometimes influenced by factors of seemingly secondary importance. People whose esthetic needs are above average tend to choose an employer with an attractive office location even if they offer a slightly lower remuneration. Solutions.rent offices, apart from separate work stations, offer stylish and comfortable office furnishings, efficient Internet connectivity, private telephone booths, stationery products, incoming mail and parcel handling, business class office equipment, as well as additional amenities such as bicycle rooms in the building. All of this undoubtedly affects the choices of future employees and clients’ opinions.

Separate work station and high quality equipment motivate employees

Antal and Sodexo “Four personalities – one job market” report shows that as many as 71% of employees want to have their own work station at the office. Even if somebody does not spend much time at the company, they need a place for individual work from time to time. Ensuring its esthetic look and providing facilities are obvious ways to motivate your team. Such places promote communication and mutual help, as well as enhance motivation.

Doubtlessly, elegant interiors, high quality equipment and a prestigious location significantly affect the company’s image, atmosphere during business meetings and their outcomes. When choosing an office to rent, remember that a good first impression of your company is always a good investment.

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